Battery Testers

The Battery Load Testers can test and confirm the condition of 12V Automotive Battery with capacity range from 2.5Ah to 180Ah. The load selection chart provides the Load/current to be selected based on Battery Capacity. The Display will show the Battery Open Circuit Voltage (OCV). On pressing the Test button, the Tester will conduct the test for 5 sec. during which all the LEDs will be blinking and hold the Voltage value in the display and indicates Battery Condition LED either GOOD, WEAK or BAD. To Check the OCV voltage just before the test, press the small button next to display. Other features include Reverse Polarity Protection and Over-heating Protection. Reverse/wrong Battery connection is indicated by Buzzer Alarm. Overheating is indicated by “temp” in the display. During overheating, the Tester cannot be operable till the temperature is within safe limit. The Tester can also be used a Voltmeter for Starting Test: Testing of the condition of the starter motor (Cranking Voltage Test) and Charging test: Regulator Voltage Testing during engine running.

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